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Naming goals to give you direction

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Naming goals to give you direction
Naming goals to give you direction

You know how it is: When you're working toward something, keeping your focus is much easier. A woman may want to lose weight, for example, but perhaps she struggles to stick to a diet or exercise plan. But if her son's wedding is looming three months away on her calendar, she may be more inspired to stay on track, cutting back on second helpings and getting in workouts.

Your goals can serve as inspiration in adopting good time-management skills. After all, managing your time isn't really a benefit in and of itself, but managing your time so you can spend more of it doing what's important to you is - whether you're saving for a retirement of travel and adventure or buying the house in the perfect neighborhood.

Using your aspirations to fire up your time management success means you have to identify your goals and keep them in the front of your mind. Pinning down what's most important to you may require some soul searching. Write down your goals - all of them - and follow these guidelines:

  1. Cast a wide net: Go for the big goals, such as joining the Peace Corps, as well as the not-so-big ones, such as getting an energy-efficient car next year.
  2. Think big: Don't rein in your dreams because they seem unrealistic
  3. Be as descriptive as possible: Instead of building my dream house, flesh it out: Where is this house? How big? What features does it have? What does it look like? When do you want to move in?
  4. Don't limit goals to a single category: Think about goals for your career, your personal life, your social situation, your financial status, and any other facet of life that's important to you.
The process of goal-seeking can be a fun and energizing experience, and it's one you can explore at length. You also see how your current time use can affect the forecast for your future.

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